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Instructor, Kenneth (Ken) Bond, Career Development Institute - Keller Williams Realty

What does a career in Real Estate offer?

Since Sales Associates are Independent Contractors and their income is commission based, associates have the freedom to control their work hours, put in as much or as little time as they want; and, their income potential is almost unlimited.
The Good
- ease of  getting into the business, flexible hours, above average income, good working conditions, 
                     abundant opportunities, unlimited resources, training & support, no heavy physical activity, fulfillment 
                     of helping others

The Bad -   irregularity of income, irregular hours, lack of fringe benefits, detail work, lack of self discipline, frustration 
                     of events (and people) affecting your transactions & possibly your pay

The Ugly -   frustration of working with people who don't always do what they say they will; or, tell you the whole truth

What does the life of a Real Estate Associate look like?
Consulting with clients, lead generation (contacting potential clients), holding open house, previewing properties, showing properties to potential buyers, listing appointments with sellers, writing contract offers Follow up on existing transactions with clients, inspectors, title companies, appraisors, etc..
Administrative duties, such as paperwork, making brochures, writing ads, attending closings, meetings & training events.

Success in your Real Estate career primarily depends on YOUR desire to 'Make it happen' 

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